Weekend in pictures.

Friday night he did this..


On the way home we saw this..


Saturday morning we stumbled into this.


And worked on those..


With these..


While she watched..


On our ride we saw this..


And that..


As well as this..


We stopped and ate these..


And then watched those..


On our way back we found this..


And then this happened..


Followed by a night of..


Pretty good weekend.


Today is Tuesday, and that used to mean #TRexTuesday but today I got nuthin.

I did get up, feed a cat, walked the long way home, finished off a book, took a glorious morning nap, and now I shall go to work.

#TRexTuesday may return, it may not. Thanks for understanding.



Today is one of those days where as I walk, I look down and feel small.

No big deal, except I am anything but small. As a 6’3″ ish man who is a hearty plate of biscuits and gravy away from 300 pounds, small is not an adjective that pertains to me.

The feeling came as I walked. Looking down at my feet (avoiding eye contact with The Public) the feeling of being very close to the ground just kept creeping into my head. The more I thought about it, the smaller I felt. The feeling that the ground was so close. My feet were just..right..there.

After the walk to the ball diamond, the thoughts come crashing in. An overload. As I watch the ballgame, listen to some music, avoid The People, and peruse social media sights these thoughts still just keep pounding away. Small, short, minimal, little… insignificant.  Wow. That escalated quickly.

Looking around at the hundred or so people here between the different games going on, I am significantly physically  larger than 90% of them. Yet here I sit, feeling so small.  This happened a bit back while the Affiliate and I were out shopping. I didn’t share the thoughts in my head. But I pestered her with comparing me to others. “That guy, is he taller than me? How much taller than him?” Etc..

I cannot explain where these thoughts or feelings come from. I am a confident, personable, outgoing BigBoi.
Most of the time. The small feeling starts as a size issue, changing into a value issue later on as the thoughts keep rolling in.


Lately there has been an influx of tweets and posts showing up in my feed that I find… baffling. The authors of these posts have inspired my post here.

If you are unfamiliar with me, here is a crash course. I don’t use SoMe for a living, I don’t own a business, I don’t write books, I am me. I use TheTwitter and FaceBook how I want. I tend to be a smartass, some times snarky, I joke and tease, I also like to read and learn. My core group of friends may appear to be blathering, sometimes drunken, idiots, but they’re good people who in their own way, make a difference in the world around them.

And you can too, just know that after years of being told that I was doing it wrong, that I didn’t “get it”, and that I should follow these simple 84 steps, I have formed an opinion and an action cycle that I use. Ask my friends, all who have been on the end of these actions, the snarky replies and posts.

Here is a breakdown of thoughts and actions. You don’t have to read this, you don’t have to read my tweets, but if you do…think about how you come across. Are you one of these users?

1) No one cares how busy you are. Seriously, they don’t. If you have time to post about being busy, you’re not that busy.

2) You don’t get to tell people you’re important. The people…they make you important. Without the people, you are nothing. Sure, a healthy amount of self love and respect is fine, just keep that shish in check and stop telling everyone. If you’re truly busy and important,  they know already.

3) Stop with the constant stream of bitching. Just stop. If you look back at your SoMe feed and it is primarily you complaining about each and every interaction you have in a day.. you’re being negative. Those people suck the air out of the room for others.

4) Along with the negative posts, if you bitch about a situation repeatedly, I want to know how you’re going to change it, or I want you to STFU. Period. Bring the travesty to light, propose an action plan, enact the plan, and make a difference. Otherwise you are flaming. It’s plain and simple, stop giving the company in question your money, stop attending events at these venues, get a different cable/internet/porn/news/candy supplier. Make a change. You’ll thank yourself later and others will be more inclined to be around you.

5) If you are one of those people who immediately go to SoMe to flame a company…daily…every day. *sigh* All you are trying to do is scam free stuff. How often does that work? Honestly, how often? Or is the response you get more along the lines of ”                ” ? Yep, there’s nothing there. Why? Because those companies don’t fall for that shish. They see your feed. Your habits. Your tendencies. And guess what, they don’t fall for it. So stop.

Feel free to tell me I am wrong, to show me the right way, suggest a Top 15 list of things I must do to succeed at SoMe. I can take it, I can learn, I can also try to make a difference.

Stoopid Ad

Sitting on my duff today, watching trashy tv, and a Home Depot ad comes on. No big deal right? Wrong. This particular ad got me not because of the vendor (come on, really?) but because of the pitch. It was for the upcoming lawn season and showed all the fertilizers, mowers, mulch beds and plants.

This will be the first year in a long time that I won’t have that responsibility. And I enjoyed that responsibility.  I took pride in my lawn. Cutting the grass was a big deal, edging, trimming, putting in the lines just right, all while zoning out on some loud music. Sure it took a couple of hours each week, but when I was done I had something I could step back and say “I did that.” and be proud of the way it looked. My yard was never the “Lawn of The Year” but it was mine and it looked damn good if I say so myself. Easily the best in the neighborhood at both of the last two houses. Easily.

This year as an apartment dweller the lawncare responsibility falls on a maintenance crew. I feel left out a little… I miss it already. But, that frees up a couple of hours a week for something else. Biking, reading, hell I may even take up golf. Well see.