Stoopid Ad

Sitting on my duff today, watching trashy tv, and a Home Depot ad comes on. No big deal right? Wrong. This particular ad got me not because of the vendor (come on, really?) but because of the pitch. It was for the upcoming lawn season and showed all the fertilizers, mowers, mulch beds and plants.

This will be the first year in a long time that I won’t have that responsibility. And I enjoyed that responsibility.  I took pride in my lawn. Cutting the grass was a big deal, edging, trimming, putting in the lines just right, all while zoning out on some loud music. Sure it took a couple of hours each week, but when I was done I had something I could step back and say “I did that.” and be proud of the way it looked. My yard was never the “Lawn of The Year” but it was mine and it looked damn good if I say so myself. Easily the best in the neighborhood at both of the last two houses. Easily.

This year as an apartment dweller the lawncare responsibility falls on a maintenance crew. I feel left out a little… I miss it already. But, that frees up a couple of hours a week for something else. Biking, reading, hell I may even take up golf. Well see.










All things that go both ways. Things that allow one to communicate and to be communicated with. The world is not full of one way streets, single direction highways, doors that only allow passage through one direction. There are two directions, a send and a receive, an InBox as well as a Sent folder for a reason. The world simply does not work if you constantly send out, constantly go, etc.. There has to be something coming to you, something in your InBox, someone coming in your door.

There has to be an ebb and a flow, a yin and a yang for the world to work.

This Is What You Mean To Me

The Affiliate sends me this on FB with the words “This is what you mean to me.”

I didn’t expect it and it took the words away, I had nothing to say. That single click and post on her part in the public sector of our lives means so much more than it appears. It reassures and provides confidence, inspires and motivates, comforts and calms yet also terrifies a little. The fear of losing, or disappointing her is absolutely terrifying to me. But, this small token, the act itself as much as the meaning behind it goes a long, long way in quieting those fears.

If you don’t know the Affiliate, you have no idea what you are missing out on. If you do know her, not only are you one of the lucky ones, but I am sure you understand the importance and weight that this small picture and those 7 words mean.

“This is what you mean to me.”

Time and Place

A time and a place.

The thought of people being put in a specific place at a specific point in time has been a topic of more than a few conversations in my life lately. Now ol CS here isn’t the most religious of people but there are certain situations that defy explanation.  This morning being one of those. Here is my story.

I woke up on time, but the warmth and closeness of my Affiliate called for me to stay in bed for a little longer. No big deal, I had given myself plenty of time to make the hour and half drive back before I had to go in to work. Well, that warmth and comfort lulled me back into sleep and I actually woke up about an hour later than I had planned. Again, no big deal, no reason to stress, there was still time to make the drive, drop off the dog and still be at work on schedule, just with no room to dally.

The Dog was woken, the bag packed, a drink made, I was ready to go, and then…then the bedroom door creaked open just a tiny bit and a beautiful face appeared. The draw to kiss that face once more pulled me back and I lingered a few more minutes taking in the moment. There was no rushing, no “oh sh*t I’m late!” feelings, just the calm and relaxation that comes from her.

After the embrace was broken, goodbyes said, I walked out, let the dog do her business and we loaded into the car, a full 30 minutes later than I needed to leave. The night had brought another light dusting of snow but the roads were not bad, there were spots, but nothing bad. The music was on, a pace was set, and all was good for the time. The Dog settled down and went back to sleep and the miles started to pass. As I entered the interstate there was no traffic (remember it is 3 a.m.) but a lone vehicle behind me. The city fell into the rear view and away we went. Things were fine for the following 20 minutes or so, and then it changed.

The Jeep was behind me for miles, not crowding, just there. Then it slowly pulled into the other lane to pass, not rushing, no abrupt, sudden movement just a smooth normal pass. As the Jeep passed me and had the room to start moving back over it happened. Slowly the Jeep started to turn into me, not to merge but a right hand turn. I let off the gas as it slid into my lane completely sideways at 60+ miles per hour…then it snapped and caught. The Jeep flipped over backwards and I slammed the brake pedal to the floor. The Bean slid to the right and we slammed into the mounds of snow on the shoulder of the highway. The sudden stop threw The Dog off the seat and she hit the dash and window before falling back to the floor. I could see the Jeep had flipped into the median and stopped. I covered Dog with a coat and ran back to the Jeep, relieved to see it had landed on its wheels. The driver was stunned but otherwise okay.

The call to 911, a message left for the Affiliate and a call to work explaining I would be late were made. Here is where I say “time and place”

We sat there, in the median,knee deep in snow, a confused, stunned young lady in a crushed Jeep who had no idea what had happened to her, or where she was, for over 20 minutes while no other vehicles passed. I could not imagine the fear, the fright, the panic that would have been if I had been in that young womans situation all alone. I stayed with her, helped her call her mom, answered her questions about what had happened and where we were until the sheriff’s dept arrived. I woke up late, stayed behind and left late, all for a reason.

I believe it all happened so that I was there at the right time.

The young woman will be fine, The Dog is okay, The Bean has a broken headlight and none the worse. The right place, at the right time. Things happen for a reason. Tell them you love them and hold them tight.


The power of music is amazing. How a song can say exactly what you feel or bring back a memory is one of those things that you cannot deny. Whether it be a sad memory or an upbeat one, when that song comes on and the film in your head starts rolling…the smile cracks your face, or maybe the tears wet your eyes and there’s nothing you can do other than change the track or sing along.

There are a few songs that have both effects on me. Hearing it can bring back good memories, laughter and fun times, but hearing it at other times reminds me of what is lost and gone. That is the power of music that I am amazed by.

Thanks to a dear affiliate who has listened to me, and my musics, I have a few playlists that just “fit”. There is no other explanation other than they fit. There are songs to celebrate, songs to remember, songs to laugh, and songs for love. All have a memory attached and they all have a meaning to me. They each fit the situation and all of them get a heavy rotation during my commutes.

The ability to motivate, inspire, calm, or whatever is the magic that is music.